Commercial Video Campaign
TGIF RestauraNt
TGIF RestauraNt
Teamed up with TGI Fridays and their entire restaurant team in Russia to produce a multi-video social media campaign highlighting the brand’s key values.
The challenge
In Russia and East Europe, TGI Fridays is known for its fun, bar-centric approach to casual dining. Its lively environment is largely a product of the energy and skill of the staff that work at the restaurants.
Create a series of mini videos to be used for social media and TV that celebrate the fun Friday’s mentality but also focus on its team’s dedication and outstanding service. To make the project really authentic, we involved that same team of waiters and restaurant staff we wanted to highlight in the projects creative and production process.
A film about the TGI Friday’s staff-superheroes who help us stay positive every day.
A series titled "Thank God It's Friday!"
A bartending montage.
project stills
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