Commercial Video Campaign
Developed a video campaign to launch Curaleaf in New York and establish it as the top medical marijuana program in the state.
The challenge
A weird situation: cannabis remains a highly politicized federal drug yet here is a dispensary chain providing safe and medicinal cannabis to patients with conditions ranging from PTSD to chronic pain. Credibility is low and few people are getting convinced that an illegal drug can be an effective treatment for a surprising large number of health disorders.
Our idea was to use testimonials and simple scientific videos to turn medical cannabis into both an emotional and scientific product. We partnered with Curaleaf, medical professionals and honest ordinary medicinal cannabis users to build this multi-video campaign.
A clean introductory video presenting how simple it is to become a Curaleaf patient.
Revealing Curaleaf’s dedicated and precise cannabis growing process.
3 personal medical cannabis stories.
9 short interviews with doctors about everything medical cannabis. 
A comparative video telling a story of a patient suffering from a treatable condition. 
project stills
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