Fuck All Nighters
Fuck All Nighters
“Fuck All Nighters” is a digital content experience de-glorifying all nighter culture.
The challenge
There is so much negative all nighter culture at universities and at work. And while all of us at some point have probably had to pull an all nighter, there is nothing cool about that. It doesn’t mean we work harder than the next person, or are doing better work. Our mission was to de-glorify all nighter culture and help people manage their time better. We had to design something that would speak honestly and directly to both students and recent graduates. We wanted encourage them to prioritize their time better and help them find better work routines.
We decided to channel our all nighter hatred into something a little more productive – we made an entertaining, interactive, and resourceful website. Our visitors get to relive a true all nighter through a triggering short film and discover what type of All Nighterer they are thanks to our fun quiz. At the end they get tailored resource/product suggestions and can read a delightful article about how to lead a more productive lifestyle.
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