Commercial Video Campaign
WhartoN MBA AdmissioNs
WhartoN MBA AdmissioNs
We helped the Wharton MBA Program engage the student body in the digital space and set the bar for what student engagement at top institutions in the COVID era can look like.
The challenge
No events, no face to face coffee chats, no orientation, no visits/tours/events for undecided students, no welcome weekend for new students… The problem was clear: how does a top institution packed with the brightest minds on this planet locked in at home keep the community alive and persuade students who are on the fence that this can be their home.
We used our close ties to the MBA Student body (in fact we had MBAs on our creative team at the time) to create a 4-pillar engagement campaign. The final work, majority of which was filmed from homes, was distributed by both the Admissions and Student Life offices at Wharton.
A powerful welcome video from the Director of Student Life that was broadcasted during the final part of Welcome Weekend (an event during which accepted students get a feel for Wharton and decide if they want to join).
Student perspectives filmed from home delivered in a conceptual way.
A wholesome day-in-the-life of a Wharton MBA student and the meaning behind Wharton Proud
project stills
The annual Wharton MBA Dance show was cancelled due to the pandemic and we decided to keep the dance community alive by creating a virtual version of the dance show.
An interview-based orientation video show for incoming students.
A creative and engaging set of introduction videos
(48 videos in total, one for each mentor group).
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