About us.

As a video production company, we won’t solve all problems… After all, we just make videos. But we are passionate about that and go beyond what's expected. We are an “idea-to-video” company – we take an idea, build strategy and creative around it and produce the most effective videos and films for our clients.


Our entire creative model is a) passionate people and b) young creative talent. This ensures we stay forever hungry, never grow up and offer a unique perspective on any topic. That's how we keep it fresh.


We really love to tackle complex issues and transmit core values in a digestible and engaging format. If you believe that a video can make people feel and start the right conversations, then you are right where you should be, and we want to work with you.


Our founders, Vadim Ordovsky-Tanaevksy, Barry Oshiba and Lucy Nebeker, were just like many university student creatives: restless. While at University of Pennsylvania all they wanted to do was work, create and tell stories. And so, in 2015 they came together to form Nexo Productions with a mission to give talented university students the ability to work on real projects for real clients.


Fast forward to now.

Nexo works globally with over 25 professional and student filmmakers, marketers, communicators. Our clients range from higher education to independent artists, from medical cannabis companies to global brands. We have worked on over 100 different projects and continue growing every day.


In 2019 we launched our in-house film production studio that produces its own content on challenging issues surrounding the youth.


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