Immersive Promo Campaign

Magic Gardens

Zoom out

A holistic video engagement experience for a large festival in Philadelphia.


The organizers of Magic Gardens (an immersive music festival in Philadelphia) wanted to use video content to deepen the event-goer's experience.


We developed a set of conceptual videos about chaos and dreams for before, during and after the event. The videos shaped the event’s experience, from the very moment people found out about the event’s date to the grand launch during the event itself.

What: A pre-promo video announcing the date of the Magic Gardens festival.
How: #strategy #creative #writing #production #post

What: This video was used as the grand opening of the entire event.
How: #strategy #creative #writing #production #post

What: The official aftermovie and photos recorded by our team during the event.
How: #strategy #creative #writing #production #post

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