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WhartoN MBA's "The Portal"
WhartoN MBA's
"The Portal"
We created a mobile first digital discovery portal for incoming MBA students to meet the Wharton Office of Student Life.
The challenge
The Wharton MBA is without a doubt an exceptional two-year experience. That said, as with any intense program, it’s easy to get lost in its apparent limitlessness. Students are constantly bombarded with new information on all the great things they can do at Wharton before they even arrive on campus. Our mission was to cut through this clutter and introduce the incoming MBAs to the Office of Student Life. This office and its team help the MBAs find the correct balance and make the most of their Wharton experience.
The execution
We built an interactive digital portal, loaded with lots of engaging & beautiful content. This portal invites incoming students to really experience what the Office of Student Life is all about and transmits its honest and down to earth approach. The students are guided through the portal and discover just how passionate the Student Life team is in its mission to foster and support the robust MBA student community.
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